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Glass shelves look sophisticated and at the same time glamorous and unique. The glass shelves can be installed at different heights at home or even in an office to suit different purposes. For instance, shelves can be used in kitchens to hold cooking supplies, in the bathroom to hold bathroom supplies such as towels, soap or even brushes. They are mostly used in pubs or clubs to hold drinks where at the same time they provide a great reflection of the light being used giving out a very great light to look at. They can also be used in stores for display purposes or to hold products while at the same time giving your shop or store that simple elegant look which attracts people and makes your shop just good to look at even before a customer thinks of buying something. Different people, however have different tastes and in order to take care of this, they are customized to different lengths, thickness and shapes according to the owner’s preferences. The glass shelves can be customized to have different shades of colour or to just have a certain pattern added to it to provide a unique look of your own liking. They can also be customized to be smooth or a bit rough depending on your preferred taste.

Good customer service is always sure from All Glass NY and you can buy it from us here in New York. We work hard and provide quality support even after sales. You can get the best price and deal from us at all times in new york. So what are you waiting for.

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