Colored Glass and Mirror

May 16, 2018

The mirror has rapidly entered into our lives and has become an integral part of any room. The functional purpose of the mirrors consists in the reflection of the objects in front of them. But if you reveal a little cleverness, then the mirror will be a great object of interior and will help to visually transform the room. With the help of mirrors you can visually hide the disadvantages of the room and draw attention to the merits. In addition to the main purpose, the mirror can play the role of decorative element of the interior. For example, in a small anteroom, it's best to put a wardrobe with mirrored doors that will visually enlarge the room, and your things will be neatly folded and hidden from third-party eyes. Even with the help of mirrors you can solve the problem with the illumination of the room, hanging the mirror near the window or attaching from the sides of the mirror lamps.
By types of mirror can be divided into colorless, made on the basis of colorless glass or color is made on the basis of tinted in the mass of glass. The colored mirror can be gray, bronze, green, or blue. The color of the mirror depends on the color of the used glass.
Painting is carried out by special polymeric varnishes, which allow to create a wide palette of various colors and get drawings or their combinations on the surface of the mirror. The painted mirror is used in the architectural elements of the interior and exterior, for the design of office and home doors, partitions, various glass structures, wardrobes, countertops, and glass furniture.
The image can be applied to both separate sections of the mirror and to the entire structure. Depending on this, as well as the color gamut and intensity of the image, the transparency of the mirror can be adjusted. Due to this, the doors and partitions of such a mirror may be impermeable to the look, but leave partial

access to light and become an independent decorative element.

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