Giovani Glass is your premier destination for all your etching and sandblasting needs. 
Experts in our team are well-versed with the numerous ways of engraving, etching, and sandblasting glass to give you avariety of artistic items with unique effects.

Sandblasting can help you achieve a more desirable, sharper, aesthetically appealing, and more
noticeable look for your space, with the etchings standing out as simply elegant on the glass.
One of the most popular ways to have the images imprinted on glass, sandblasting gives the
finished product a lovely textured look and milky white appearance.
Popularly used in dividers, shower rooms, doors, enclosures, sandblasting is an effective way to
reduce appearance of fingerprints.

At Giovani Glass, we understand that even small units of sandblasted glass can change the look
and appeal of your residential or commercial building and add elegance to your setting! We offer you
sandblasting services at competitive rates in the New York City area.

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