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What Can Giovani Glass Offer?

  • Glass Table Tops:

We provide top quality glass tops in order to make sure that our clients can get products to complement their ambiance in the best way possible.
  • Bathroom Shelves:

We have a whole category stacked with bathroom shelves, which not only provides you with the opportunity to equip your bathroom with the best products, but also makes the outlook of your bathroom exquisite.
  • Shelf Brackets:

We have a list of shelf brackets, which consumers can use in order to make sure their shelves are stacked with the best products in the market. Our list of shelf brackets allows you to choose between a wide range and variety of products, according to your needs and requirements.

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If you have any queries related to our services or if you want to get an idea about what kind of process we use to deliver your products, get in contact with our customer service team at or call 718-600-2294 and we will be happy to help you!

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