What is a Glass Railing?

The introduction of architectural glass revolutionized the building industry. It brought a certain pizzazz to typically dreary corporate buildings. But, people clearly were not impressed with the boring monoliths these businesses were putting up. Glass envelopes came in to save the day, softening up the look of these structures and attracting a higher caliber of clientele.

As people usually do, they wanted to bring this innovation into the home. This brought about the creation of glass railings. They started using glass to partition internal spaces. It also became the go-to material when they wanted to make an architectural statement. Soon, glass stair railings, deck and balcony railings, and even pool screens were the in thing among the cultural elite.

These railings do not use just any type of glass; you do not want to fall or get cut up by doing this. Instead, tempered glass was developed. This is a safety glass that has been reinforced and laminated for increased strength.

Also, it has a nifty feature that allows it to shatter into tiny square pieces when broken. So, if your crazy neighbor decides to throw a rock through your tempered glass railing, it will break in a way that will not endanger you or your family.

Tempered glass is also usually treated to make it four to six times stronger than regular glass. This is why you have to make sure that you get the real thing from a verified supplier. For glass railings, The Giovani Glass is your best option.

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