When envisioning the perfect outdoor living space, many homeowners dream of a wide expanse of land with lots of room. Plenty of space to entertain guests, room for relaxation, and a wonderful backyard where the kids and pets can play. 

With the right design, even the smallest yard, patio, or apartment terrace can be transformed into an outdoor oasis. Glass fencing is a recent innovation that can help reinvent your space. This unique product has many benefits that are specifically tailored to small backyards and patios. 

Maximize Space with Clear Glass Fencing
The transparent nature of glass gives you a clear view of the surrounding environment, creating the illusion of more space. This makes your backyard appear much larger than it is. Fencing systems are often needed in backyards, whether utilized as a patio railing, property line fence, pool safety fence, or garden divider. Why not choose a barrier that gives you clear views to maximize your small space? The sleek design of glass fencing is a favorite of designers and architects since it is not obtrusive, and can be used to make a yard appear more expansive.

Enhance Safety with a Glass Pool (or Spa) Fence
There are several factors to consider when installing glass fences, especially when there is space constraint. A paramount point to consider is the safety of your family. If you have young children, you should install a glass fence around your pool or spa to ensure safety and give you peace of mind.

Create a Minimal, Streamlined Look
When you only have a small amount of space to work with, less is more. Keep your d├ęcor items on the minimal side to prevent the area from appearing cluttered. Breaking down visual barriers goes hand in hand with this design tip. The sleek, modern look of glass fencing makes it a great way to streamline your outdoor design.

Open Up Your Yard with Property Line Fencing
Tempered glass is a great alternative to traditional property line fencing. It opens up your backyard to the surrounding landscape. This seamless flow creates the illusion of a larger backyard. For those who prefer a little more privacy, frosted glass is a good option to keep a modern look while obscuring the view a bit more.

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