Glass shelves

Glass shelves come in all shapes and sizes. After you’ve chosen your basic shape and size, you can consider different types of bevels on the glass edges to get the distinct style you want. Some glass shelves are sand blasted or acid-etched for a unique look. Make sure you look at all the styles to find the one that suits your home best. Look for thick glass, which is more durable than thinner styles, supports more weight and has a better visual appeal. Glass shelves also come with a variety of anchor styles. These differ in look, function and weight-bearing capabilities. Be sure to select an anchor that offers enough support for your needs. Installation may vary, so consult the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Once you’ve found the perfect location for your glass shelves, ask yourself how much weight they will hold. Perhaps the type of shelf kit you purchased will answer this for you. Look at the hardware and the wall anchors the shelf came with. If it came with drywall anchors, the shelf will easily hold a few books or interior decorations if you install it on drywall. But if you have plans for potted plants, many books or a heavy rock collection display, you must use anchors that go into the wall studs. In general, a quarter-inch pane of glass that is 24 inches long and 6 inches wide can support 15 pounds with wall stud anchors at each end. Use thicker glass or more anchors to support more weight. 

Glass shelves are a great way to add attractive storage solutions to your home. Sometimes finding the perfect shelf can be tricky. If you need glass shelf installation help or want to ensure your shelves can support enough weight, let the local glass experts at Giovani Glass help! We have years of experience in glass shelf installation and other glass projects, big and small.. Schedule an appointment or give us a call at 718 600 2294.

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