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The mirror has long ceased to be only the subject of practical use. It has become a unique decoration of many interiors. Mirrors are used in the design of furniture, walls and even ceilings. There is a huge amount of different colors, textures and patterns of the mirrors for the decor of the room. Matting is one of those ingenious methods of processing the mirror surface.

A frosted mirror is similar to frosted glass. It also shows a blurry image. But there is one important difference: when you look at the frosted glass, you see a blurry image of what is behind it. And looking at the frosted mirror, you see the reflection of objects. This feature of the mirror can be very helpful. For example, if you used it to cover the table, it would completely hide the damaged surface of the furniture and give brightness and shine due to the reflection of light. 

Color matte mirrors look especially beautiful. They can wonderfully decorate your furniture, floor, or ceiling. It is also a good idea for interior doors. The color palette is unlimited. Moreover, you can choose a gradient or antique matte mirror. The process of matting also allows creating different patterns. For example, a usual or a colored mirror can have matte patterns. Or vice versa, a frosted mirror can have patterns from an untouched glossy mirror.

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