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In search of a way to make the interior more diverse, people turn to all possible methods. One of the ways to create a positive and unique interior is to fill it with different colors. –°olored glass and mirror can be good assistants in this matter. 
Colored glass can be used as a covering for furniture. And choosing a mirror for the room, pay attention to the beauty of colored mirrors. This will add uniqueness to the design of the room.

But what if you can not decide on the color of the glass? The first color looks too bright, the second one is too pale. This issue may be even more important in the case of the large size of the glass. For example, the color of an interior door determines the overall atmosphere of the whole room. In this case, you can make a choice in favor of gradient glass. It involves a smooth transition between different colors. This glass can combine two or more colors that you choose. At the same time, different shades of each color are revealed. 

Not only glass but also a mirror can be a gradient. Just install such a mirror in the room, and the reflection of your interior will never seem boring to you. A gradient mirror or glass is a colorful and not intrusive decoration of your room.

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