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Glass Mosaic new york

Mosaic (from the Latin. "Musium" - "dedicated to the Muses") is a color drawing, created from small or different in size elements. Some of the mosaic images of the ancient era have reached our days and now amaze with their beauty and luxury. Today, the mosaic is increasingly used in interior decoration, due to its durability and excellent abilities in decorating the interior in any style, including high-tech. 

Glass Mosaic new york
Glass Mosaic new york

Many of the ancient secrets of creating a mosaic are lost, but modern production technologies allow to obtain almost any mosaic composition. Not only the picture but also the material plays a huge role in the creating of a mosaic. There are glass, smalt, ceramic, stone, and metal mosaics.

Smalt is a type of glass. However, the smalt initially contains natural components (potassium salts and other elements), which give the material a natural color.

Glass Mosaic new york from Giovani Glass
Glass Mosaic new york from Giovani Glass

Glass mosaic has important positive properties, among which are the strength, resistance to chemical attack and fungi, heat resistance and frost resistance. Due to its resistance to sudden temperature changes, it is often used in cladding the outer side of fireplaces and stoves.
Glass mosaic can turn any interior into a space of fairy tale and chic. It will perfectly decorate the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, hallway, and even the living room.

If you are determined to apply a mosaic in your house and you don't know exactly where it would look best, don't worry. best, don't worry, you can count on Giovani Glass. We have at your disposal a team of experts of experts who carry out top level projects with glass and mirror for New York City and throughout the territory.

We work from small glass accessories to mirrors to complete structures with this beautiful material. complete structures with this beautiful material. Of course glass mosaics are no exception. So turn your space into a work of art and at the same time surprise your visitors with impressive results. visitors with impressive results.

Our creativity has no limits and has allowed us to be the preferred choice when renovating your interior or exterior spaces. renovate your interior or exterior spaces. We work with the most resistant glass in the market so that your projects have an absolute guarantee for a long time.

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