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Interior items made of glass or mirror can have a diverse appearance. In addition to the forms and modifications of the furniture itself, there is a huge choice of glass and mirrored surfaces. For example, they can be colored or gradient.

The bronze color looks very dignified and elegant. It is appropriate in both classic and modern interiors. A table top made of a brilliant bronze mirror or glass will become a real decoration of residential or commercial premises.
Bronze Glass Table Top
Bronze Glass Table Top 

Consider the four main options for bronze glass tops: it can be clear bronze glass, etched bronze glass, a bronze mirror, and a frosted bronze mirror.

Clear bronze glass. The level of transparency depends on its hue. The darker the color, the less light the glass transmits. It is a conventional laminated glass, which is painted in a bronze tint.

Frosted bronze glass has a pleasantly rough texture that enriches its color. It will also be useful if you have an old damaged tabletop that needs to be hidden. However, for such purposes, it is even better to use a similar mirrored surface.
A Bronze Mirror
A Bronze Mirror

The bronze etched mirror differs from glass in the fact that it does not pass the light at all. A table of this material will reflect diffused light. It will create the effect of a beautiful unobtrusive golden glow.

Glossy bronze mirror is able to reflect the rays of light more intensely, as they are not scattered. It is necessary to consider the location of the light sources and the table, when choosing this material, in order to avoid too bright reflection.

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