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Glass Fusing new york

Fusing is a modern way of glass processing, which is used to create stained glass. The stained glass of this type was firstly made in 1990 in Germany. This technique involves heating of colored glass in a furnace at a temperature of 800°С. This method makes it possible to combine different glasses into one homogeneous mass. The boundaries of such a pattern are blurry, which makes the finished product look like a pictorial art.
A Table With a Fused Stained Glass
A Table With a Fused Stained Glass

The base of the image is a transparent glass sheet. Colored pieces of glass are laid on it. The future image will depend on their shape and location. Thus, it is possible to create three-dimensional or flat patterns. To do this, the master combines large and small pieces of glass during the manufacture. The colors flow to each other, creating a watercolor effect. But this fact does not exclude the opportunity to create images with clear boundaries. It is achieved by combining the fusing method with partitioned enamel technique.
The Process of Glass Fusing
The Process of Glass Fusing
Fusing as a method of making stained glass has a number of advantages. An important role is played by the absence of a metal frame since the glass is connected without the mediation of metal. Due to this, such a stained glass window is not subject to corrosion. The absence of metal makes the picture more attractive and expands the artistic possibilities. Such a stained glass window can have several layers of different glass; the patterns can be volumetric or flat. The color scheme of such a stained glass window is almost unlimited.   

Decorate your home or office with real works of art made with glass through our glass windows that we manufacture with creativity and dedication in Giovani Glass. We are specialists in glass and mirror works of any size; small, medium and large. large.

You can get with us from small accessories to complex projects that include building structures. including building structures. Bathroom doors, floors, ceilings, walls and showcases are some of our works. and stained glass windows are some of our works. But of course there is much more in our portfolio that if you wish you can consult with us.

We work with high quality raw material among which are tempered and laminated glass. laminated glass. So in addition to aesthetic we work with the safe and functional. Consult what you what you want and receive complete all the necessary information. Also free of charge receive the best quotation on the market. 

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