Gradient Shower Doors

Gradient Glass
Gradient Glass

Gradient glass and mirror combine two or more colors and their shades. Due to this, products from gradient glass are at the same time colorful and stylish. Gradient glass allows you to avoid excessive saturation of the color, visually reduce the size of furniture and so on.

This type of glass can also be used to create shower doors. It is an elegant way to distinguish a bathroom among other rooms because such a shower cabin will become a real highlight of the apartment.  Gradient shower doors are a good choice if you have difficulty by choosing between one or another color: why not to use both of them? A smooth transition from one shade to another gives the product a tenderness.

Colored shower doors are more convenient in the sense that dirt or stains from the water will be less noticeable on them. Although it is worth noting that the glass is quite easy to clean since the dirt does not permeate through its surface. In addition, the glass perfectly transmits the light, which is important in a closed shower space.
Gradient Glass Partitions for the Bathroom
Gradient Glass Partitions

You may also be interested in the possibility of decorating the living room, bedroom or corridor with the help of gradient mirrors. This mirror perfectly performs its reflective function, but it looks like a colorful picture. In some cases, a gradient mirror can serve as a material for shower doors.

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