Radial Shower Doors new york

Different systems and shapes of shower doors new york allow selecting the most suitable option for each unique case. At the same time, it is important that the shower doors and the shower enclosure itself look harmoniously against the background of the bathroom. In addition, it must be practical and comfortable to use. In some cases, semicircular radial showers are a good option. Bent doors are needed for such a cabin.
Radial Sliding Shower Doors
Radial Sliding Shower Doors

Radial shower doors are most appropriate in cases when the shower is located in the corner of the bathroom. Such a shower is quite suitable for small dimensions of the bathroom. The location of the semicircular shower cabin along one wall is less practical and is used mainly in large bathrooms.

Transparent glass shower doors can visually enlarge the space, and frosted glass ensures privacy. There is also a special Privacy Glass, which can be both transparent and translucent, depending on the supply current.
Rounded Swinging Glass Shower Doors
Curved Swinging Shower Doors

Bent glass shower doors are most often used in sliding systems. It saves usable space. However, in some cases, a semicircular shower can have hinged doors. They are also made of curved glass. If you are interested in hinged shower doors, perhaps neo angle shower will suit you. This type of shower also implies a location in the corner of the bathroom. However, its shape consists only of flat planes and angles and does not have curved lines. This design eliminates the possibility of using sliding doors, but it is very convenient for swing systems.

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