Rice paper laminated in glass new york | The Patterns of Rice Paper Glass

Japanese paper, new york called washi, is known for its beautiful appearance. For this reason, it is often used for interior decoration. The paper itself is short-lived and can be adversely affected by the sun, dust, water, and mechanical damage. A great way to protect the paper from these factors is lamination in glass. Glass, which is made by using the rice paper, impresses with its beauty and originality. Here are some of the patterns that we can offer you:

• Web. The paper fibers are arranged in a transparent glass web in the shape of a chaotic web. Due to this, the glass becomes less transparent and gets the ability to provide an average level of privacy. For this and other templates, it is possible to choose any desired color of glass and paper.
• Curly. This model is similar to the Web described above. However, the fibers are arranged in the form of circles, which are intertwined with each other.
• Spica. It is an example of opaque rice glass. The fibers of the paper are arranged very tightly, forming small squares.
• Giraffe. This glass is very similar to the skin of a giraffe. Also, it is completely opaque and able to reflect light.
• Lilt. Large squares of Japanese paper are located throughout the glass. The space between them is filled with a web of paper fibers.
• Rosy. The glass depicts a very delicate composition of roses. In addition, glass has a reflective surface with a low coefficient of transparency.
• Polka-dot. A fine material to decorate the room. Glass transmits light through neat round holes in paper. This product is capable of creating a starry sky effect.
• Spotty. The surface of this opaque glass is similar to the zebra coloring, as it consists of dark oblong spots on a light background.

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