Beautiful Legend and Boring Disclosure

Is the legend, told by Pliny the Elder, true? The same one, - about very cold, hungry, and possibly therefore extremely creative sailors who used blocks of soda from the ship’s hold to set up a fire and cook food on a deserted sandy shore. After all, this legend was reprinted so many times in history books, everyone got used to it so much that it never occurred to anyone to doubt its truth. And only recently there were people who decided to check Pliny's story. Several glassmakers tried to make glass in the same way that the Phoenician sailors once did.
Lumps of Soda
Lumps of Soda
As many thousands of years ago, on a sandy seashore, a fire was made again, lumps of soda were laid again, a boiler with water was placed on them. They watched the fire for a long time and patiently, threw not sparingly firewood at it. The wind fanned the flames zealously. But everything was in vain: when the fire went out, no glass was found in the ash.

Who knows, maybe modern natural scientists have done something wrong? Maybe they weren’t cold and hungry enough, or the main condition was getting blocks of soda from a dark and gloomy ship’s hold ...

Bonfire on the Shore
Bonfire on the Shore
But let us leave aside humor with irony. With a more rigorous scientific approach, it becomes clear, as God's day, that soda cannot fuse with sand and turn it and itself into glass, with the relatively small heat that the flame of a fire can give.

So Pliny's mistake was proved. How was glass really discovered? There is another version.

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