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A stained glass window  new york is a decorative ornamental or thematic composition made of pieces of multi-colored glass that fills a window opening. The stained-glass window was widely used for the architectural design of Gothic temples. Later, coats of arms of cities in city halls and other public buildings began to be executed in the form of stained-glass windows. In imitation of this, the nobles began to draw up family coats of arms in the form of vitrage.

Upper Half of the Poor Bible Window, Canterbury Cathedral, UK
Upper Half of the Poor Bible Window, Canterbury Cathedral, UK

The art of stained glass window was developed in the Middle Ages and reached its greatest prosperity in the Renaissance. The word "vitrage" comes from the French "vitre" - window glass. In addition to multi-colored glass, glass dyed with paints was used. As paints, finely ground mixtures of metal oxides (copper, iron, etc.) with low-melting glass were widely used. The mixtures were mixed in water, wine or vegetable oil and applied in the form of gruel to glass. After drying, the painted glass was fired at a moderate temperature.
Stained-glass Windows in the Interior of the Apartment
Stained-glass Windows in the Interior of the Apartment

According to the description of the monk Theophilus in the XII century, stained-glass windows were made as follows. Pieces of colored glass cut in advance and well adjusted to each other were wrapped around the edges with strips of lead. The wrapped pieces were laid out on the table and fitted tightly one to the other, and then the lead jumpers were welded by solder from an alloy of tin and lead. Soldering was carried out on both sides.

Currently, the art of vitrage is starting to revive. For example, it is quite clearly manifested in the Baltic states.

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