Researchers are a restless people: every new discovery makes them immediately want to do the following. So it was with those researchers who studied the work of ancient glassmakers.

Ancient African Glass
Ancient African Glass
“We are now on the right track!” - they said, inspired by new finds. - "And, of course, we will find many more interesting things that will help us clearly imagine when and where people learned how to make glass..."

Some scientists said that Egypt should be considered the birthplace of glass: after all, most of the ancient glass products were discovered here, and the remains of an ancient workshop were also found here.

“No,” - others objected, - “the people who inhabited Babylon were not inferior to the Egyptians!”

And the scientist Frobenius did not agree with either one or the other. For many years he studied the life of the peoples living in Africa. He was amazed at the disunity of African peoples, where the tribes living nearby speak different languages ​​and almost do not understand each other.

He saw that these enslaved people, whom many scientists call savages, are actually very talented, skilled in various crafts, are beautiful carvers, artists, sculptors. He spent hours talking with Negros, listening to their songs, ancient legends, and tales: a life full of feats, full of struggle for freedom, appeared before him. Every African people has had its own culture in the past.

African Ethnic Glass Beads
African Ethnic Glass Beads

Frobenius claimed that Negros in time immemorial were able to make artificial gemstones from colored glass. He said that in the Sahara desert there are tombs that are many thousands of years old. And jewelry carved from jasper, agate, and carnelian, are found there. The surface of these stone jewelry is covered with a shiny glass crust.

And finally, Frobenius managed to find the traces of the workshop no less ancient than the Egyptian. It was located in the lower reaches of the African Niger River, where Negros have lived from time immemorial.

Who first invented glass: the Egyptians, Babylonians, Negros? Who learned from whom? Or maybe, independently of each other, at different times, it was discovered by the talented sons of different nations?

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