For a long time, glassware remained very expensive. Simple Romans ate and drank from clay cups. But on the table of noble citizens, one could see crockery of extraordinary beauty. There were cups of different colors, cups for washing hands, glasses made as if from glass lace. The Romans especially appreciated the vessels made of transparent glass.

 Ancient Roman Chalice
Ancient Roman Chalice
In one rich house, a bowl was kept, which the owner himself called magic and gave only honorable guests to drink from it. This bowl, made of thin, transparent glass, was decorated with green bunches of grapes. When anybody poured a little red wine into it, the bunches of grapes seemed to ripen before his eyes.

In Rome, bowls, which were called Murrinian, were very famous. Nothing could compare with their beauty. It was said that the first such bowls were brought from India. They were carved from rock crystal or another rare stone - fluorspar. In the evenings, when candles were burning at the festive table, these bowls glowed as if thousands of tiny lights were burning inside them.

Ancient Roman Glass
Ancient Roman Glass
Skillful Roman craftsmen learned how to make such bowls of glass. Glass business so developed in Rome that glassmakers usually settled in separate quarters, and over time their workshops occupied part of the city.

It was at the very beginning of our era, that is, about two thousand years ago. The Roman Empire was then a very powerful state. She subjugated many European countries, where, along with Roman laws and customs, along with Roman reading and writing, the products of Roman masters penetrated.

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