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Do you want to experience a feeling of free flight and weightlessness when above your head and under your feet is empty? Maybe you like bright and visually spacious rooms with an elegant interior? If you answered both of these questions positively, then such a bright and original design innovation as a glass floor is just for you.

Glass Floor
Glass Floor

 Today, the manufacture of glass floors is widely in demand in private homes, offices, and restaurants. One square meter of this floor can withstand a load of over 400 kg. Not every material used by standard technologies for these purposes is capable of supporting such a weight. In addition, the glass floor with and without lighting is breathtaking and gives maximum freedom to designers and landlords, allowing them to realize their most daring interior solutions.

Despite the highest rates of strength, some people are still afraid to use glass for flooring. And completely in vain! Any fears are completely groundless, because this material, due to its exceptional reliability, is often used even for inserted floors.

Glass Floor
Glass Floor
The floor paths under which pictures are built are also in demand. Glass flooring nyc scenes are more relevant in restaurants, bars, and discos.

Technically and stylistically competent installation of a glass floor greatly facilitates the interior, which helps to design the room in the desired style. At the same time, the glass floors in the rooms:
- are harmoniously combined with ceilings and partitions from glass,
- can be equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation,
- are supplied with various colors and optical effects, illumination of panels under the floor or local light spots.

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