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Even in the sixteenth century, in the palace of the Scottish king, glazed frames were available only on the ground floor. The upper windows were sealed with paper.

And the frugal manager of the estate of one English duke took out the glass from the window frames whenever the owner left the estate. He feared that the wind would break them.

But this manager would probably have been surprised if by some miracle three hundred years later he had got to the London Exhibition in 1851.

Crystal Palace in Hyde Park in London
Crystal Palace in Hyde Park in London

 In Hyde Park, in the very center of London, he would see a building that looked like a luminous colossal lantern. Its walls were built of large glass plates inserted into metal frames. A whole glass palace!

The author of the project was neither an architect nor a civil engineer. His name was Joseph Picton, and he worked as a caretaker of greenhouses. When preparations were underway for the World Industrial Exhibition in London and pavilions were required, Pexton proposed his design: a house made of glass.

Crystal Palace, Interior
Crystal Palace, Interior

In fact, he did not come up with anything particularly new. Simply, for many years working in greenhouses, he better than others appreciated the wonderful properties of glass. He liked to visit the greenhouse in the winter. On the streets, people shrink from the piercing wind, and here, in the greenhouse, green palm trees spread their crowns, banana leaves remind of the southern sun. And what a bouquet can be made up of bright fragrant flowers - the inhabitants of distant tropics!

And all this is separated from the northern winter by just thin glass walls. Joseph Picton decided that such walls could be used not only in greenhouses but also in ordinary houses.

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