Carved Glass

Carved Glass from Giovani Glass Company beautifies any space with its elegant beauty. Since many year, we have been the leaders in custom decorative glass carving in New York. ​
Our glass artists can create any custom design. He can also work from your art. Carved glass art is similar to etched glass, but glass carving goes much deeper into the glass. Pete uses a sand carving process for his carved glass, all done by hand, not machine like many other companies. The result is a dramatic three dimensional appearance that offers timeless beauty and invites touch.
Have you ever seen a deep glass carving and just had to touch it to see if you could feel the depth of the design? Our art glass is carved from the back so you won’t feel it ​

Examples of custom installations from past clients. Items including panel dividers, door/entry way, stove backsplash, shower doors, and more.
I work with a team of professional fabricators that can build custom doors, or any other type of framing, etc.

If you have an can be made! All designs are created according to what the client wants and any design is possible.
I welcome all custom ideas!