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Each owner of a cottage or a country house seeks to create a unique outdoor design that will be original and at the same time functional. The main rule in creating modern cottage designs is the integrity of style in all corners of the house. During the construction of houses, high-quality materials made using the latest equipment are used. The style that was chosen for the house is manifested not only in the design of the living space but also in the garden. When creating the interior, every little thing has its own place, value, and originality.

Art Nouveau Country House Design
Art Nouveau Country House Design
The most popular design styles in the design of the cottage: high-tech; Art Nouveau; organic architecture; minimalism; fachwerk; country style. High-tech style, as one of the most modern, combines functionality, the severity of lines and originality in every detail. Quite often, facade glazing is used in such a design. Art Nouveau style also appeared relatively recently - at the beginning of the twentieth century. The main materials for wall decoration here are tiles, ceramics, stone. All this can be combined with textured glass patterns. The internal layout implies the presence of a spiral staircase, which can also be made from different types of glass.

Minimalism Style in the Interior
Minimalism Style in the Interior
Another popular trend is minimalism. A special note of this style is the presence of free space, which is not cluttered with furniture and quite functional. As we already know, it is glass structures that best create additional space in the interior.

Rustic is a style that combines the incongruous. It combines wood, plastic, metal and glass. Rough design in a modern style with unique accents makes your home simply amazing.

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