Japanese Rice Paper laminated in Glass

Precious pieces Custom laminated by Giovani Glass gives harmony and elegance to places like restaurants and shops, transforming glass into a work of art to be admired by customers, its dimensions are accurate and the size changes according to your needs. It is important to mention that our glasses are made of a special material that can be recycled more easily than other materials, these come in different colors and textures. 

Openness and natural light are now being considered some of the most important things for a friendly and productive workplace, as eliminating a cramped or trapped feeling improves the overall mentality of all employees. Natural light is best for eyes and preventing unnecessary eyestrain. Along with this, it provides a more relaxing and calm environment then what is offered with the more fluorescent lighting found in many offices and businesses. .

Architectural glass has been used to strengthen the modern glass structural achievements that are growing every day. Whole glass buildings can now be built in a variety of shapes and designs, stretching up and out with the same structural integrity as a traditional building. Glass is durable, easy to clean, incredibly sanitary and can be used as walls, floors and ceilings to create an environment flooding with natural light. Each covering may be designed in a variety of colors and design patterns.